Understanding Photography


For my art directed shot i wanted to create a scene inspired by Green Day’s “American idiot” video. It was shot at the colzium, kilsyth. It depicts a figure standing right screen under a graffiti’d shelter at mid day looking out to the lake and holding a guitar – this being the centre of interest. I tried to use the rule of thirds in this photo to create a balance. The left of the frame is a little bare but I feel this adds to the lonely atmosphere of the shot. It was shot with a canon 1200D and a 18-55mm lens in natural lighting. It was taken at an ISO of 800, 18mm, an f/4.5 at a shutter speed of 1/200. The background is not very sharp, parts of the photo are over exposed in the background while the foreground remains quite dark. The whiteness in the background contrasts well with the dark shade the figure stands over – helping to emphasise the subject. Natural lighting was used to avoid adding too much light to the photo, there are plenty of colours in the shot which goes well with the dark shadows. The photo isn’t directly copied from the music video and manages to keep the same ideas while giving it a twist.

When editing this photo I started with changing the levels so that the photo was a little brighter. I adjusted the colour balance to bring out the yellows in the photo as well as the greens. I used the burn tool to darken the figure in the right.


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