Understanding Photography


My landscape photo was shot with a canon 1200D with a 18-55mm lens. It was taken at the waterworks in Milngavie in the late afternoon when the sky was clear. It was shot with an ISO of 100 at 18mm, an f/4 and a shutter speed of 1/40. The centre of interest in the photo is the figure crouching in the left corner, I feel it gives the viewer a sense of scale. I used the rule of thirds in this photo, framing it so the trees reflected in the water look as tho they are the horizon. It has an extensive depth of field to include all the detail of the landscape. The photo is slightly under exposed but not so much all detail is lost. The shot is naturally lit to make it look as natural as possible, I included in the photo a figure crouching by the river, looking down into the water which is still and reflects the sky and trees. The colours in the scene give the photo a fantasy feel – the varies blues in the water seeming otherworldly.

When editing this photo I started with darkening the foreground by using the burn tool over the leaves and trees. I then adjusted the colour balance to give the water a darker blue colour – making it seem later in the day that it actually was. I also adjusted the other colours in the photo to make them stand out more.


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